A Match Made in Devon

| April 13, 2016

We all know about matching food with wine, and more recently with craft beers. But now the season of Food and Drink festivals is on us, our imaginations get into gear, and we are on the look-out for inspiration from Chefs, producers and places to eat out. Don’t forget – a good evening’s not only about the food, but the quality of the drink too.

At home we at Ashridge enjoy our Ashridge Cider with many day-to- day meals, as well as the fancier dishes we occaisionally have a go at. (We call this ‘quality control’!) Our firm favourite is cider with seafood and chips. (Hey, Mitch Tonks likes our ciders and he’s a proper seafood expert. He’s introduced it, but  with a Rockfish label, into his Rockfish restaurants – and we haven’t looked back.) Turns out, Fish and chips with a cold, crisp cider goes down a treat.

And it goes with curry too. Lots of people are cooking curries at home these days, ranging from fragrant Thai curries to hot spicy versions.  And nothing goes better with them than a more full bodied cider. Wine is often spoilt by a curry, but the sharp, clean flavours of cider work really well with it. Try it and see what you think.

Cider and cheese are more of an old favourite. There are some fantastic British cheeses produced right now and they’re perfect partners for a fine Devon cider. A good combination is a chunk of bread and cheese and a cold glass of Sparkling Cider. You don’t have to wait for the sun to shine, either. Even on a dull day you can just imagine a summer picnic with these flavours.

By the way – why do people mainly drink cider in the summer? (We don’t actually know the answer because we like it all year round, with food and without!  Answers on a postcard please!)

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