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Hot off the press!

| June 11, 2019

South Hams Brewery are now the new owners of Ashridge Cider & Soft drinks.

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Cold and Sparkling – that’s what we like! Kegged Ciders available.

| July 25, 2018

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‘REAL Cider is good for your health’ according to Crafty Nectar

| July 5, 2018

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Shortlist announced for Stable Cider of the Year Awards

| April 19, 2018

We’re so excited that our Ashridge Devon Blush, CRAFT Cider is included in the eight shortlisted ciders going through to the next round of The Stable Cider of the Year Awards. These eight ciders will be on sale in all The Stables for approximately six months and, during this time, will be voted on by you, their customers.The eight shortlisted ciders are: Hallets – Draught […]

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Support us Craft Cider Makers!

| February 5, 2018

Kegged Ciders (50l)  Like lager, cider can also be filtered and carbonated, then kegged and dispensed at the bar as a clear, chilled, fizzy thirst-quencher. Smaller cider companies like us are doing this now, and pose strong competition to the big cider names. Check them out and support these craft cider makers – you’re in […]

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Ashridge Ciders launched at Cotswold Fayre Roadshows

| January 28, 2018

  Ashridge Ciders are now listed in the Cotswold Fayre catalogue. Cotswold Fayre will be on the road with all their BRAND NEW suppliers. Join us at one of six venues from 16 January – 1st February 2018 These events are for you, the retailer, to give you the opportunity to see and taste the product […]

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Fizzy Drinks Sugar Tax? What Sugar?

| January 17, 2018

  Although our drinks are fizzy, they don’t come near the category of fizzy drinks the press are talking about in terms of sugar. ‘Fizzy drinks’ don’t automatically mean ‘sugary drinks’ as far as we’re concerned. We have never been big on sugar. Our drinks come below the sugar threshold for taxation so our prices won’t be increasing […]

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6 Golds and a Silver for our ciders and soft drinks

| May 25, 2017

Wow! We’re dead chuffed to have won all these awards. Thanks Taste of the West!

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So you think Cider’s just for the summer, eh?

| November 30, 2016

Seasonal Slurps - Here’s where we introduce you to your new fave tipple… You needn’t wait until summer to slurp on a good apple-based brew – cider is a drink to be enjoyed all year round. During the winter months try our Mulled and Spicy Ashridge Artisan Cider. This warming, spicy, mulled cider will hit the spot on […]

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In pursuit of liquid GOLD

| September 29, 2016

Long gone are the days of finding warm and vinegary cider behind the bar; now, there’s a cider revolution going on. There are plenty of quality ciders being kept in excellent condition in bars right across the west country. The best way to keep craft ciders to these high standards is by serving them from […]

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