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Range 3

Range 3



Bottled Ciders (50cl or 33cl) Bottled ciders are  in their element in bars, as well as farm shops, and off licences. And Ashridge Vintage, Devon Blush and Artisan Elderflower ciders hold their own in these kinds of outlets all over the West Country.


Traditional. Medium Dry  6.0% abv

Traditional. Medium Dry
6.0% abv


Bag-in-Box Craft Ciders (20l) The best way to keep craft ciders to  high standards is by serving them from ‘bag-in boxes.’ This ensures that there’s no deterioration of the cider inside, meaning it stays right on top form. Often this type of cider isn’t filtered or pasteurised, and is as close as you can get to the real thing.

Devon Blush (Blackberry)  4.0% abv

Devon Blush (Blackberry)
4.0% abv

DSC_0667 Kegged Ciders (50l) Like lager, cider can also be filtered and carbonated, then kegged and dispensed at the bar as a clear, chilled, fizzy thirst-quencher. Smaller cider companies like us are doing this now, and pose strong competition to the big cider names. Check them out and support these craft cider makers – you’re in for some treats. Especially Ashridge Devon Gold and Devon Blush!  DSC_0586
330soft_elder Organic, Sparkling, Soft Drinks (33cl) At Ashridge we don’t compromise on quality, and use only the best ingredients. We blend, process and pack the bottled drinks ourselves.  Last June we were all out in the hedgerows picking armfuls of elderflowers and making tanks full of cordial with squeezed lemons and some sugar. We add water and a bit of fizz for our Elderflower Pressé……Summer in a bottle. Our Apple Juice drinks are simplicity itself, the Lemonade is a pure and simple old fashioned cloudy lemonade, and the Ginger Beer is zesty and spicy – made from pressed organic ginger roots. 330ml Soft Drinks