Elderflower Power – 2 Silver Awards

| June 14, 2016

Anything to do with elderflower seems to be increasingly popular these days.  Some of the Ashridge team have been out busily picking tray after tray of elderflowers this month

You may have seen the huge, frothy, creamy flowers in the hedges. People often ask us where we collect them. We have to be fussy and only harvest from certified organic farms – well away from any sprays or traffic fumes.

We’ve had adventures with curious pigs and pushy cows and the hedges are prickly and full of nettles. Mainly we pick when the sun is shining so you get the full fragrance, and we’re out in the peace and quiet of the fields and hedgerows so it’s a welcome break from normal day to day business.

We make tanks full of cordial with organic lemons and a wee bit of sugar, and then dilute it with water and add some Ashridge sparkle to make a really lovely Sparkling Elderflower Pressé. It’s good in Gin or vodka too. It’s definitely our most popular soft drink.

Catching up fast though is the new Artisan Elderflower Cider we brought out recently. At this time of year it’s flying off the shelves. A gorgeous summer cider.

Silver Awards for both of these Elderflower drinks from the Taste of the West 2016

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